Create an Animation in Google Slides


As they complete this lesson, students will learn and practice the following digital skills:

    • Create a new slide
    • Apply a layout
    • Add speaker notes
    • Insert an image
    • Crop and resize an image
    • Draw with line tool
    • Draw a shape
    • Add a line color
    • Add a fill color
    • Add a background color
    • Search for images
    • Duplicate slides
    • Share a presentation
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  • Create an animation in a slide presentation using a sequence of images to bring a story or process to life through motion.
  • Share a presentation with a partner to ask for specific forms of feedback to improve the presentation.
  • Use present mode to ensure the images on the slides move naturally.

Terms and Concepts

  • Animation
  • Natural process
  • Slide presentation
  • Focal point
  • Speaker notes
  • Present mode

Lesson Details

Total Duration 45 minutes (can be extended to 90 minutes with extension videos)
  • The end-of-lesson quiz
  • The student project rubric example