Introduction to Machine Learning to your classes

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As they complete this lesson, students will learn and practice the following skills:

    • Understand the concept of making assumptions from data
    • Collect data and use it to build a recommendation algorithm
    • Train a computer to recognize a pattern
    • Assess machine learning fairness in real-world decision-making
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Digital skills

  • Add rows and columns to a spreadsheet
  • Create a pivot table
  • Use COUNTA and ARRAY formulas
  • Resize columns and rows
  • Apply absolute cell references
  • Import data
  • Add custom markers on a Google MyMap
  • Create a Google Form
  • Add titles and images to a form
  • Collect and analyze data from a form
  • Use an online app to train a computer

Terms and Concepts

  • Spreadsheet
  • Row Column
  • Form
  • Document
  • MyMap
  • Data
  • Bias
  • Formula
  • Cell reference
  • Algorithm
  • Prediction

Lesson Details

Total Duration 3-4 hours (can be extended to 5 hours with extensions)
  • The end-of-lesson quiz
  • The student project rubric example