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Digital Marketing, the team in the beginning...

Walking down the memory lane of Bean Search Expert Sdn Bhd (BeanSE), we saw the growth from its microscopic beginning to a prominent digital marketing agency.

Our team was first assembled in 1999. In order to stay ahead of the curve, we specialized in a few technical areas that gave us an edge over competitors. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) came in. SEO Malaysia has taken a new phase nowadays, growing rapidly both in awareness and acceptance. More and more businesses in Malaysia begin to appreciate the benefit of increase visibility for their websites. Through SEO, local business has manage reach out to NOT only a larger group of audience but more quality potential customer.

Internet surfers use search engine like Google to search for related web pages. Upon gathered, search engine return a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) listing of related websites. As there are so many websites on SERP listings, online users cannot possibly go through every websites on the list. Theoretically, user tends to check on first few results served. Research has shown that if your webpage appeared on first page of SERP, chances of getting a visit from user is much higher.

We therefore want our website to rank as high as possible and this is where SEO comes in. Nearly without exception, improvement from time to time on a website is possible on at least 1 of these areas :

When we start with user experience, we start with page load speed. A faster website therefore gives user a better surfing experience on your website and reduction in both visitor loss and bounce rate. There are plenty of techniques for this purpose, check out one of custom load speed enhancement example on this very page, you can find a on demand Youtube video. This load speed enhancement feature saves visitor bandwidth with no related preload during page loading, therefore reduces initial page loading size. This gives us a faster load site and no unnecessary waste. Repeat visitor who does not want see the video does not waste bandwidth at all. The only drawback is the extra click to show the video on page. Indirectly this provides better user experience in terms of repeat visit (in fact SEO is user experience!), even though they might not realize it in the initial stage. Website owner has less worry under this scenario that a few Youtube video on page would drastically slow down a web page, sometimes even refrain from putting any video on its web pages.

On the other hand, content is King and a timely update of fresh content can help us rank higher. Even content maintenance like old or outdated content removal can make the overall content more relevant.

No matter what we do, stick to our SEO objective or focus: SEO is NOT ONLY about attracting highest traffic possible but quality traffic. You will appreciate this fact more in the future.

This is a Youtube video with bandwidth usage saver.

Title : What is SEO and how does it work?

Note : video starts at 31s and ends at 305s

Make the world better by loading resources when only NECESSARY.

What is SEO? Revisit the basic..

This is the on demand Youtube technique mentioned above. It is always good to revisit the basic from time to time. If you wish, spend a few minutes to go through this concise Youtube video for better understanding on SEO. For better user experience, we start the video at 31 seconds and end it at 305 seconds, straight into the core content of the whole video. You can do likewise for the video you put online, specifying the best content time range for the topic and avoid user boredom or diminishing reader enthusiasm. User feels better by staying as close as possible to the core message effortlessly. This example shows what we mentioned above : that you can always improve on user experience if you look hard enough, no matter how small the room is. On the other hand, Wikipedia's definition and illustration on SEO [show Wikipedia's page] is very comprehensive. Well, if you are okay this far, read on!

a best SEO consultant company can assist you in growing your digital business
Your online business need to go hand in hand with a SEO consultant

SEO Consultant, the team in the later days...

SEO is a long journey as we strive to achieve not merely SEO but SEO Awesomeness. Naturally, after sometime, BeanSE became a SEO consultant company and provides consultancy services to a variety of clients, with most of them desire to stand out from their own field online.

SEO techniques, on the other hand, is ever evolving, so sensibly we try to focus on the main and dominant search engine in the market : Google Search Engine (GSE).

So how can a business improve SERP ranking? What are the SEO improvements that can immediate impact on Google SERP ranking? Well, in a number of cases, especially when the ranking was stuck unable to move up any further and with the business no intention to change the content, we would say this: start with page load speed. A faster load website reaps immediate benefits : better user experience. Unknowingly the website improve in terms of decrease bounce rate and decrease in visitor loss. The website now become more relevant to the user, before your content become relevant to them. The on demand Youtube above is one of the trick to reduce initial loading weight, apart from saving unnecessary bandwidth usage (think in terms of when you are a repeat visitor). Page load speed is definitely one of the top GSE ranking factors. So besides giving the user a better experience, it will not go wasted as you stand to improve your overall ranking score.

A simple and sound SEO strategy would be to improve the page load speed first (you actually cleans up the website in many cases) before anything else, follow by igniting visibility of the web page as our main aim. Without page load speed as the foundation, many good work that you do may not produce intended impact and this scenario is very much true for SEO.

awesome scene of a sleeping baby floating on water
Can your webpage inspire sense of awe from viewer?

Most Important Ranking Factor

Frequently, SEO consultant will be consulted from time to time on the ranking factors that weighted most. Ever wonder what top search engine like Google said on the number one and most important ranking factor? It is not web page content, never mention about search engine algorithm, not back link or special meta tag, NONE of them! It is AWESOMENESS.

Absurd? But it is true! SEO is becoming an art and IS both science and art. Today, search engine looks for webpages that can both express sense of awe and inspire sense of awe when come to user experience!

SEO needs measurement for improvement and Google Analytics is a great tool
Establish webpage performance feedback loop with Goolge Analytics

Digital Analytics, never say done with SEO

Having optimized a website for search engine may well be half the battle, we need to gather feedback on our SEO effort spent and find out areas for improvement. Here the company benchmarked Google Analytics as our SEO effectiveness tool. Its report becomes improvement basis of this constant effort, which is another characteristic of SEO : non static. That is to say, SEO is a long continuous effort that require maintenance from time to time as well as keeping up with latest algorithm trend. SERP ranking, on the other hand, is fluctuating to reflect the latest search engine algorithm. Besides, every now and then there will be a similar new website seeking Google ranking. If you stand at where you are, eventually the new site will overtake yours in ranking if they improve while you don't.

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