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  • The aspects of web design :





    Search Engine Friendliness


    Today, a website is an important investment for businesses, personals, government sectors etc. It is not only the foundation on your company's lasting image, but it is where your customers go to find what they are looking for in a quick and efficient manner.

    According to Wikipedia Source - Web design is a process of conceptualization, planning, modeling and execution of electronic media delivery via Internet in the form of Markup language suitable for interpretation by Web browser and displays as Graphical User Interface (GUI).

    Because of the nature of the Internet as a medium , the design of the website has a major impact on the effectiveness of the site from a marketing perspective. As more and more site contaminate the Web with needless animations and vibrant or inappropriate colors, it makes sense for us to be sure our own website meets exacting standards in all areas. Design is a fundamental one.
  • Customization

    In the days when every products was made as a one-off, business was seen as a kind of combat. Marketers launched campaigns, salespeople targeted their prospective customers, managers vied with each other to out flank the competition. The evolutionary trend has been from every product being a one-off, via mass production, followed by a splintering into niche marketing with standardized products then mass personalization and on tot one to one marketing.

    The Internet has brought the wheel of progress around a full turn by making customization affordable by the many rather than just the few. As more and more customers see that they can have a product or service exactly how they want it, so the demand for customization will increase. The interactive nature of the Internet means that several layers of intermediaries may no longer be needed.


    Issue in customization

    Customization brings with it massive benefits to the customers. They can have the exact products they want, because they select the components that go into the final product. To introduce customization into your website, you need to consider and address the following issues :

    Database Integration
    Any legacy systems you might be running


    Stages in customization

    The route from a basic brochure website through e-commerce to the ultimate of a fully integrated e-business cab e tracked by the following stages :
  • 1. Build

    Develop and build a page

    Invite, Request and Like

    2. Engage

    Publish and posting

    Share and comments

    3. Amplify

    Sponsor Ads

    Sponsor Stories